2015: St. Patrick’s Day

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Maybe you’re Irish (or maybe you like to be just for the day). Maybe your favorite color is green. Or maybe you believe there is a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow. Whatever the reason, the tradition of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day has become enormously popular in all corners of the United States. From green beer at your local pub to rambunctious parades and fun 5Ks, there are now numerous ways to celebrate the occasion; you can take your pick from enormous, rowdy crowds to individual, imaginative house parties.

Should you choose to throw an all-green, Irish-themed get together in your own backyard, here are some DIY tips and tricks to keep it budget friendly, yet still creative and festive.

FOOD. Skip the caterer. When throwing a party for a large number of people, we know going straight to a caterer to do the heavy lifting is tempting. But that isn’t the most cost-conscious decision. There are plenty of finger foods that will keep your guests happy, which all have the color of green or are reminiscent of traditional Irish dishes. A plethora of recipes can be found online for spinach and artichoke dips; multiple versions of guacamole; mini Reuben sandwiches; various forms of pesto; and last, but not least, rich cheddar dips with pints o’ Guinness. And let’s face it; you’re most definitely not at a loss for recipes for bright green drinks, alcoholic and otherwise!

•DECORATIONS. Channel your inner child; go crazy on the arts and crafts. Sure you can purchase affordable décor and costume accessories (everyone loves a green hat, right?) at the local party store. But one, where’s the fun in that? And two, you’re almost assured those will be the same decorations the neighbors will have as well! Time to get inventive! This is a great way to get the kids involved as well. You can make mini pots of gold out of candy coins; used sliced bell peppers as a shamrock stamp; make a wreath for the front door using leftover green ribbon from Christmas; and much more. Take the time to dig through DIY blogs and Pinterest, it will make for a more unique party and by re purposing items you already have around the house, save you a LOT of money.


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