5 Ways to Save Money on Electronic Devices

October 21, 2015Money Saving


Nobody likes to spend money on electronic devices, yet they’re one of the necessities of life. While we need them to communicate with others, check our schedules, and keep tabs on the family, we can never justify their cost on sheer entertainment value. None of us enjoys spending money on electronics that will be passé two month’s from now, yet we all need to have the latest, most expensive, and styling gadget. Yet they always seem to crap out when we need them the most.

Save On Electronics

You may just save yourself money if you keep these 5 points in mind before making a spur-of-the-moment purchase on an electronic device.

  1. Always do your research first. Spur-of-the-moment purchases may be exciting, but you’ll have buyer’s remorse once you return home, realizing that you could have shopped around a bit first. There’s also the hazard that when you purchase online, it may not be exactly what you were hoping for. The screen, or keys, may be too small. Visit an electronics shop first, to learn about the functionality of your chosen electronic device.
  1. Buy open box items. These are items that have been returned to the shop because someone changed their mind. They are offered for a significant discount to the consumer. It may also have been a box that was opened in-store to show a customer the product. Returned and open box items are still backed by store and manufacturer warranties, so your risk is still low.
  1. Try a money saving app or software. Sites such as the Invisible Hand (http://www.getinvisiblehand.com) track prices on the most popular name brand products. Sign up, and wait for the prices to drop. The site will alert you to the best prices for your chosen electronic device.
  1. Ask the salesperson to match their price with a competitor’s. These prices can be quickly looked up online, and many stores offer another 5% discount on top of the price match. If you have a store loyalty or gift card, it can be beneficial to purchase products from your favorite store, rather than just the one with a lower price.
  1. Buy at the right time of year. Certain times of the year are better than others for buying electronic devices. Other times of the year aren’t so great, such as prior to the school year, or Christmas, when retailers know they can jack up the prices because these items are needed. July is a good time of year to buy last year’s computer model, before the current year’s are released. March is a great time to buy a TV, as many distributors end their fiscal year in the spring. February is a great time of year to get a two for one cellphone Valentine’s Day deal promotion.

Even if you’re in panic mode, calm down and spend some time shopping for new purchases. It’s worth spending time to minimize the expense of new electronic devices.


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