Top 4 Best Online Shoe Sites

October 2, 2015Shopping Tips


Everyone needs shoes, and some people enjoy matching one pair of shoes to every outfit in their wardrobe. Shoes are needed for everything from work and home, to play and sport. Shopping online for shoes is fun. It’s also a great time-saver when you lead a busy life.

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Here are the top 4 best online shoe sites to find every kind of footwear for the entire family.

  1. 6pm: has shoes and clothing for men, women, and kids, as well as bags, and accessories to complete your outfit. They carry the top name brand lines of sandals, formal shoe wear, boots, work boots, and casual footwear. The search function can narrow down your choices by type, heel height, style, width, color, brand, and price. Discount prices are listed as a percentage off MSRP. Shop their clearance page for 70% off retail price. Tip: Find the 6pm Coupons Page here.
  1. Famous Footwear: Shop for women’s, men’s, and kids shoes and accessories, in-store or online at Famous Footwear. The website is laid out in an easy-to-navigate format. Categories may be narrowed down to “view all” or “new arrivals”. Shoe options may be narrowed down to athletic shoes, boots, slippers, casual shoes, dress shoes, sandals, and wides or narrows. The Back to School Trend Shop will help you to shop for the latest shoes for your kids. Famous Footwear focuses on comfortable shoes such as Adidas, Nike, and Converse, plus other popular brands.
  1. makes buying shoes easy. They offer free shipping, and free exchanges, in case your shoe order doesn’t fit. They have everything from women’s, men’s, and kids’ shoes, to clothing, bags, and accessories. Take advantage of their 20% off sale, or shop their sale pages. You can shop by your favorite brand, featured products, or related products. A subscribe button will give you access to additional deals, and seasonal previews. Right now fall styles are being featured.
  1. Shoes for Crews: Shoes for Crews offers non-slip foot wear for work, play, or school. The company has been around since 1984, and uses the latest innovative technology to keep workers safe on the job-site, and outdoors. They offer a 60 day money back guarantee on all their foot wear. Safety products are available for both men and women, and aren’t limited to work boots or steel toed boots. Shoes for Crews makes athletic shoes, clogs, soft toed boots, casual, athletic, and even dress shoes. Shop their men’s and women’s shoe styles that are on sale. Shoes for Crews also has hard to find sizes that you may not find on other sites. They have regular and wide sizing in athletic, casual, and work boot styles. If you work in a specialized industry such as food service, healthcare, hospitality, industrial, factory, school, or supermarket, you can decrease your search time by clicking on these industries first. Or, select your industry, and enter your job title to be presented with a list of shoe options pertinent to you.

Tips To Stay Safe While Shopping Online

September 29, 2015Shopping Tips


The great thing about shopping online is that it is fast, convenient, and oftentimes much simpler than browsing up and down aisles at the store in the hopes something will catch your eye soon enough. If you go to the store with a vague idea of what you want to buy, it’s up to you to meander around trying to narrow down your options whereas online you can search for something as broad as “electronics for teenagers” and be inundated with an abundance of options which you can then easily filter and narrow down in half the time it would take you at a traditional store. Since lots of online retailers even offer free or discounted shipping these days, online shopping is more affordable than ever.

But as with all things, there are some potential risks and downsides to online shopping, namely how to stay safe online. It’s one thing to connect with old childhood friends on Facebook for a quick chat, it’s another thing entirely to put in your personal information online. You have to enter your shipping and billing address, phone number, email, and credit card information when making purchases, which can make you vulnerable to online hackers, security breaches, and a host of malicious software like adware, malware, and viruses. There are ways you can protect yourself, though!

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Below, we list a few ways to ensure that you are safe while conducting your shopping online:

  • Thoroughly research the seller. You can do a quick Google search to see if the website you’re purchasing from has ever had security issues before. If it’s not a well known site, exercise caution as some hackers will set up dummy sites solely to steal information. By Googling the merchant and checking their website for a legitimate address and phone number you can ensure the business is reputable.
  • Ensure the site is safe. There’s a quick way to do this: in your web browser’s address bar (where the URL is), you should see a closed padlock when you are entering your personal information. This is a security measure in place for e-commerce transactions.
  • Safeguard your information. You may be filling out a form and suddenly you’re asked for your social security number or checking account number, but you’re only trying to purchase an iPad for your nephew. There is no reason you should need to be entering such personal information and this would be an immediate red flag. For extra safety, it is often best to use a credit card rather than a debit card, or in some cases you can even purchase a prepaid debit/credit card to use solely for online shopping purposes.

It is important to keep your computer safe even when you are not actively shopping online, though. Certain websites can infect your computer with viruses that in turn hack your passwords and personal information. This is why it is imperative to have some sort of anti-virus software on your computer, and we can even help by directing you to our Panda Security coupons. Another great anti-virus software option can be found through Webroot. Shopping online is a great option and you should not be deterred by the potential risks, as there are easy ways to keep yourself safe and ensure you have a painless, hassle-free, and convenient shopping experience.


How To Find The Best Gifts Without Breaking The Bank

September 16, 2015Shopping Tips


As the holidays draw near, your mind may be going to what to get all of your loved ones. The holidays make many people go into debt each year, many paying off their credit card bills for months afterwards. Instead of having to go into debt this season, try shopping smarter by finding the items that you need for less. There are ways that you can save money while still getting gifts that your family will love without battling the crowds in big box stores or at the mall. Here are some places to find some great deals for your holiday shopping this year.

Clothing: There are many online outlets that offer clothing at great discounts in anticipation for holiday sales, but the real deals are at overstock outlets such as the Bargain Outlet Catalog. Many of these overstock options offer deals over 50% off of the original price. Bargain Outlet Catalog offers a range of styles for men and women, as well as shoes and accessories. Getting great products for a fraction of their original price can allow you to stretch your holiday budget further. Visit to find out more about Bargain Outlet Catalog.

Big Gifts Set

Jewelry: You can get some very great deals on beautiful jewelry for much less than you can find in a typical store when going out and shopping. You can find some great deals at the which offers large discounts as much as 50% off of their jewelry. 1928 offers jewelry for both men and women that would look wonderful at any event such as a wedding, formal dinner, receptions, and dates. Dazzle those you love with stunning jewelry for much less.

Electronics: Electronics are a very popular gift item, especially for teenagers and young adults. You can find some great deals on different electronics such as tablets, Apple products, smart phones, laptops, and accessories on a discount website such as available on Fast Tech. You can find great discounts on electronic items; especially overstock tablets that you can give to your family and friends this holiday season.

Toys: It always warms your heart to see a child open up the toy that they wanted and see a huge smile on their face. Bring joy to the special children in your life with the toy that has been hoping for this holiday season. Some toys can carry a high price tag, but you can save money by taking advantage of sales or large discount coupons. You can find a large selection of toys at a steep discount at with everything from dolls to video games available on the website.

Another way to save money on gifts for the holidays is to look for coupon deals and special offers online leading up to the holidays. A great source to find coupon deals from different online retailers is Find something for everyone on your list this year while sticking to your budget. Shop smarter this year so you can make out like a bandit without breaking the bank.


How to Find Cheap Gifts Online

August 7, 2015Shopping Tips


Finding cheap gifts online can be a time consuming and challenging task, there are hundreds of international websites who are selling gifts for all different types of people. You can run into all sorts of problems with shipping costs and shipping times, follow this guide to finding the perfect gift for your loved ones online on a budget, while shopping safely and smartly.

The first thing you will need to consider is how long your item will take to be shipped to you and how much it will cost. International shipping is generally a lot more expensive than domestic packages within your own country, so try adding the keyword ‘local’ to your search. Otherwise, most websites will have their base country listed in their “Postage and Handling” information, along with handling times, plus shipping times and cost.

It is always a good idea to try and buy your gifts a few weeks, if not a month in advance before you need to give your gift to your loved ones to allow time for the sender to package and distribute your gifts to the proper destination. Another thing to check is their return policies, make sure you can return the item for a refund or new product if it is, not as described, damaged in the post or doesn’t fit.

EBay is a great website to find cheap gifts as it almost always has the best electronics, fashion, toys, home décor, accessories and so much more at cheap prices everyday. Once on the eBay homepage, navigate your way to the “Deals” section, which is where you will find countless of goodies for discounted prices for a limited amount of time. You can also add a specific country to your preferences to buy from, which helps cut postage costs and time a lot.

Aliexpress is a China based website, selling cheap goods at wholesale prices; it also has many distributors specializing in Free Shipping and Sale items. It is an easy website to navigate around and the wholesale distributors sell good quality, extremely cheap gifts made in bulk. Shipping times rang from three weeks to 6 weeks.

To keep yourself and your bank details safe from crooks online, it pays to look to the URL bar for a small padlock favicon, this little symbol symbolises secure sockets layer encryption installed on the website to prevent identity theft and theft of bank details, otherwise having a PayPal account is the next best thing as they cannot access any bank details at all.


Gadgets That Everyone Will Love

March 3, 2015Shopping Tips


Regardless of the reason that you are making a purchase, you will find that everyone loves receiving gadgets as a gift. They work great for anniversaries for your husband, birthdays for your mother and Christmas presents for your kids. But, with the many gadgets that are out there, how do you know which ones to buy?

While everyone has their own tastes, there are some pretty awesome ones this year that are sure to put a smile on the face of your loved one when they open their gift from you. Check them out below.

Gadgets For Everyone

Toshiba Chromebook 2

This Chromebook has a lot going for it; 1080p display, portability, 2.58 GHz Intel Celeron processer, 4 GB of Ram and 8 hours of battery life just to get started. This is the perfect computer because it is compact and lightweight so you can easily take it with you while you are enjoying updating your Facebook page or surfing the Web.

Bluetooth Speaker

For the person who loves to listen to music, this makes a perfect gift. There are many different options to choose from that will fit with the tastes of anyone. These speakers are great because you can easily connect with them with your portable device. You can also enjoy sharing your love for music with others because they are loud enough to use for a party as well. Plus, they are compact so you can take them anywhere with you.

Fit Bit

With the renewed interest in health, the Fit Bit is the perfect gift for those looking to improve their health this year. It also works as a great gadget for those who simply love to work out and are looking for a new way to track their progress. These devices will allow you to keep track of many things, included the amount of calories that you are burning each day and the amount of steps that you are walking among many other items.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

This is poised to be one of the most popular smartphones for this year. Although it is not waterproof and has somewhat of a short battery life compared to other models, this phone offers a sharp and colorful screen. It is great for those who require their smartphone to perform multitasking functions and comes with an extremely accurate stylus as well. Along with these benefits, you can also enjoy a quality, fast camera as well.

Amazon Fire HD 6

One of the best things about this tablet is that it is affordable. While it is usually associated with reading, there is actually quite a bit that you can do with this tablet. In fact, it is very functional and you can easily enjoy the same apps and options that you would for an IPad.


Gadgets are extremely popular and make great gifts regardless of the person that you are shopping for. Plus, you may even enjoy purchasing a few of them yourself! Whatever the reason for the gift, make sure that you make them smile with a gadget this year.


The Best Birthday Freebies Guide

January 30, 2015Shopping Tips


One of the greatest benefits of joining loyalty programs, subscribing to e-mail newsletters, liking Facebook pages and following companies on Twitter or other social media websites is without a doubt the birthday goodies and freebies. From free desserts or entrees to excellent discounts, here is a look at some national and regional chains and the perks they dish out on your big day.

If method of redemption isn’t specified, always check the website, as most rewards require membership in either a loyalty/rewards program or e-mail subscription and please note all of these offers are subject to change.

American Eagle: 15% off coupon.

AMF Bowling: free bowling.

Applebee’s: free dessert with purchase of entrée.

Arby’s: free milkshake with purchase of any item.

Barnes & Noble: children receive a free cupcake with membership in kids club.

Baskin Robbins: free scoop of ice cream.

Ben & Jerry’s: free scoop of ice cream and discount on ice cream cake with membership in Chunk Spelunker.

Benihana’s: $30 gift certificate.

BJ’s: free pazookie dessert.

Brunswick Bowling: free bowling.

Buca di Peppo: free small pasta with any entrée.

Buffalo Wild Wings: free dessert.

Chili’s: free brownie dessert.

Chuck E. Cheese’s: 100 free tickets.

CVS: $3 off coupon.

Denny’s: free Grand Slam Breakfast.

Dunkin Donuts: free beverage of choice.

Fuddrucker’s: free item with a membership in the Fudd Club (also on your anniversary!)

Genghis Grill: free stir-fry bowl with a membership in Khan’s Club.

Great American Cookie: free surprise with membership in Cookie Mall Club.

Harkins Movie Theaters: free medium popcorn.

Hooters: 10 free wings with club membership.

IHOP: not only do you get a free meal on your birthday, but also upon signing up and on your one-year anniversary of joining!

Jason’s Deli: $5 off coupon.

Johnny Rocket’s: free hamburger with membership in Johnny Rocket Club.

Krispy Kreme: free doughnut with membership in Friends of Krispy Kreme Club.

La Madaline: free pastry.

Medieval Times: buy one get one free coupon.

Old Navy: $10 off coupon for purchase of $50 or more.

On the Border: free dip trip or dessert.

Outback Steakhouse: free dessert with membership in rewards program.

Panera: secret offer automatically loaded onto your loyalty card.

PF Chang’s: free dessert with e-mail subscription.

Red Lobster: free dessert with membership in rewards program.

Red Robin: free burger with bottomless fries with membership in Red Royalty.

Romano’s Macaroni Grill: free slice of chocolate cake.

Sephora: changes each year, requires membership in rewards program.

Sbarro: free slice of pizza with drink purchase.

Smoothie King: buy one get one free coupon.

Sonic: free surprise with membership in Sonic Cruisers.

Sprinkles Cupcakes: free cupcake.

Starbucks: free drink of choice with membership in rewards program.

Steak n Shake: free meal.

TCBY: free small frozen yogurt and $3 off ice cream cake.

Texas Roadhouse: free appetizer or side item of ribs.

TGI Friday’s: free dessert with purchase of entrée.

The Children’s Place: 15% off coupon.

Waffle House: free waffle.

Wendy’s: $1 off coupon.

Which Wich: free regular wich (sandwich).

Wingstop: free order of French fries.

Zoe’s Kitchen: buy one entrée get one free coupon.


Grocery Shopping on a Budget – It’s Easier than You Think

January 13, 2015Shopping Tips


Do Grocery ShoppingWith most people working several, full-time jobs just to make ends meet, the thought of going grocery shopping again can be daunting. Budgeting sounds stressful, and, my goodness, is cereal really that expensive now? Don’t worry! With our tips and ideas, you’ll be able to save money every time you go to the store.

Coupon, coupon, coupon.

There really is no substitute for taking a few minutes out of your day to comb through the paper and the internet for coupons and advertisements for your local stores. Though some coupons may not seem to save you all that much, they most certainly add up, and you’ll be surprised by the total you’ve saved at the register.

Research prices – every time.

Grocery stores are always having different deals, buy one get ones, and ‘manager specials.’ If you research these before you shop, you’ll be able to go to the store that is having the best prices at the time. It won’t always be the same store, and if you’ve got that particular store’s card (almost always free), then you’ll be saving even more with their sale prices.

Buy bulk and freeze.

If there is a sale on chicken or beef, especially, you’re going to want to take advantage of it and freeze what you aren’t going to immediately use. Frozen meats will keep for a very long time, and you’ll be able to stock up on things you know you’re going to use later. The same goes for most other non-perishable items. Take advantage of deals every time.

Plan your menus.

If you know what you’re going to be getting ahead of time, you won’t be as tempted to spend money on things you don’t really need, or, as my father called it, “all the stuff that jumps in the cart.” This is especially helpful when you plan your menus according to weekly sales. Then, you’re not only saving money by knowing exactly what you’re going to need all week, you know you’re getting the best deals, prices, and making the most of your budget.

Never go to the store when you’re hungry.

It sounds logical, or even silly, maybe, but you might be surprised by the amount of things you buy that you don’t need, nor even necessarily want, just because you’re hungry and your eyes are oh-so-much larger than your stomach. If you’re full, you won’t be tempted by all the seemingly-delicious things before you, and you’ll only get what you went to the store to buy in the first place.

Don’t be afraid of substitutions or off-brand products.

A lot of the time, recipes call for ingredients that might be a bit too pricey for you, or maybe there is a similar ingredient that is on sale. Often, there won’t be much difference at all in the products – except the price! It’s always smart to look those things up online, or ask a friend, before you splurge on something super expensive unnecessarily. The same goes for buying off-brand products instead of name-brand ones. It’s a different type of substitution, but often there is very little (if any) difference in the taste between one and the other. Don’t spend more money for a name.

Meat is expensive – use alternatives sometimes.

Not every single meal has to have a meat in it. There are plenty of alternatives that are healthier and still can pack in the protein and good-for-you things that are found in meat products. Beans, nuts, and certain cheeses are just a few examples of things that are far cheaper than and still just as good for you as all that meat. Pack in the veggies (even cheaper if they’re in season!) and don’t worry about having to center every single meal around beef, chicken, pork, or another meat.

Cash only.

Don’t do your shopping with a card. It is far easier to spend money when you can’t see it disappearing. Keeping cash on you will give you a physical sign when you are running low on it, and you won’t be as tempted to buy things you don’t really need. Being conscious is necessary to budget well and easily.