How to Find Cheap Gifts Online

August 7, 2015Shopping Tips


Finding cheap gifts online can be a time consuming and challenging task, there are hundreds of international websites who are selling gifts for all different types of people. You can run into all sorts of problems with shipping costs and shipping times, follow this guide to finding the perfect gift for your loved ones online on a budget, while shopping safely and smartly.

The first thing you will need to consider is how long your item will take to be shipped to you and how much it will cost. International shipping is generally a lot more expensive than domestic packages within your own country, so try adding the keyword ‘local’ to your search. Otherwise, most websites will have their base country listed in their “Postage and Handling” information, along with handling times, plus shipping times and cost.

It is always a good idea to try and buy your gifts a few weeks, if not a month in advance before you need to give your gift to your loved ones to allow time for the sender to package and distribute your gifts to the proper destination. Another thing to check is their return policies, make sure you can return the item for a refund or new product if it is, not as described, damaged in the post or doesn’t fit.

EBay is a great website to find cheap gifts as it almost always has the best electronics, fashion, toys, home décor, accessories and so much more at cheap prices everyday. Once on the eBay homepage, navigate your way to the “Deals” section, which is where you will find countless of goodies for discounted prices for a limited amount of time. You can also add a specific country to your preferences to buy from, which helps cut postage costs and time a lot.

Aliexpress is a China based website, selling cheap goods at wholesale prices; it also has many distributors specializing in Free Shipping and Sale items. It is an easy website to navigate around and the wholesale distributors sell good quality, extremely cheap gifts made in bulk. Shipping times rang from three weeks to 6 weeks.

To keep yourself and your bank details safe from crooks online, it pays to look to the URL bar for a small padlock favicon, this little symbol symbolises secure sockets layer encryption installed on the website to prevent identity theft and theft of bank details, otherwise having a PayPal account is the next best thing as they cannot access any bank details at all.


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