How to Rent a Car Using Online Sites

September 19, 2015Travel


When traveling about whether business or pleasure, having reliable transportation that fits your schedule is very important. This is why many people decide to use a car rental while they are traveling abroad. You can save money and get great deals on car rentals if you know where to look. There are many online sites that save you time and money when selecting the car rental for your trip.

 When renting a car you will ideally want to schedule your rental at least a month in advance of your trip. Some financial advisors recommend scheduling the car rental a month in advance and then checking back at the rates a week before your trip. This may allow you to find a better rate because the car rental company is getting desperate for someone to rent their cars. In case you can’t find a better deal a week in advance however, having scheduled a car rental a month in advance ensures that you will have the vehicle that you need for your trip. This one trick can save you a substantial amount of money.

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Using websites to rent a car online is simple and easy with a wide range of options. By booking online you can schedule anytime, rather than waiting for offices to open and trying to get hold of an agent to set you up with a car, you can do so immediately. Going to different travel sites you can see the offers from several different rental companies at once rather than having to search several different sites and remember the rates for yourself. Booking online may also give you access to some exclusive discounts.

 You can compare rates for car rentals at different travel sites such as Expedia, Travelocity, or Hotwire to find the best deal for your trip. On these sites you are able to tell them where you are going and the date of your trip and you will be able to find different retailers in the area and the different car models that they have available. Another option is to find your car rental rate, directly from the car rental company Enterprise , Hertz , or many of the other options. You can also search local and independent car rental companies, using websites like Car Rental Express. Be sure to research the franchises on review sites like Yelp and others to see what other users have said about their experiences with the company before you decide to reserve a car

If you are traveling on a plane to your destination and then using a rental car, it would be ideal if you could have the car rental agent meet you at the airport to immediately save on some cab fare. Many large car rental companies advertise that they will come and pick up their clients. Car rentals don’t have to induce a headache and now using online booking features it is easier than ever before. Start planning your trip and get your car rental quote at one of these reliable sites today.


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